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Resilient Cities for Tomorrow's Climate

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Get ready to embark on an artistic journey that envisions a resilient and sustainable urban future! We are thrilled to announce that the 2024 Young Artists and Authors Showcase theme will be “ClimateScape: Resilient Cities for Tomorrow’s Climate.” This theme not only aligns with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda but also resonates deeply with Sister Cities International’s commitment to fostering cooperation among cities.

We invite young artists and authors to delve into the pressing challenges of climate change and its profound impact on cities. The theme encourages students to unleash their creativity and showcases the transformative power of resilient cities that can adapt and flourish in the face of a changing climate.

Through breathtaking artworks and captivating narratives, we aim to vividly depict urban landscapes that embrace eco-consciousness, inclusivity, and forward-thinking solutions. From rooftop gardens and green infrastructures to diverse communities united in sustainability, “ClimateScape” celebrates the resilience of our cities while fostering a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Join us on this artistic expedition as we not only emphasize the significance of Sustainable Development Goal 11: Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable but also emphasize the crucial role of cooperation among sister cities. Let your imagination soar as you shape the vision of a climate-resilient future, strengthened through collaboration and solidarity among urban communities worldwide!

2023 Classic Art Showcase Winner

"For the Future"

Diana Lopez

Scottsdale Sister Cities Association

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Please see our resource section for more information on sustainable cities and communities


YAAS 2024
Application Form (PDF)

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YAAS 2024
Application Form (DOC)

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What does a resilient city look like to you?

How can sustainable cities impact your community?

How can you as a future leader contribute to transforming cities?

What do you envision for cities that will foster a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow?

Important note

Please read the following details carefully, as our rules and awards have changed slightly from previous years.

When describing their artwork in the application form, students are encouraged to discuss how their local communities and/or international cities are approaching this year’s theme. Students can talk about collaborative efforts between communities, give project examples, or explore areas of potential cooperation. Descriptive paragraphs should be written by the student.


  • Students must be between 13 and 18 years of age at the time of the June 1, 2024 deadline.
  • The student must be affiliated with a dues-paying member of Sister Cities International or an international community partnered with a dues-paying member. (If you have any questions regarding your affiliation with a dues-paying member of Sister Cities International, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact
  • No more than five (5) submissions per category will be accepted from each member community. International community partners are also eligible to submit no more than five (5) submissions per category. [Note for Sister City Contact Persons: Please provide a list of your (up to) five (5) participating students and their submissions organized by category to] If you have any questions regarding submission limits, please visit our -Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact
  • Member communities are encouraged to form their own local competitions and submit the top five (5) in each category to Sister Cities International.
  • No student may enter submissions into more than one category.
  • All entries must meet the criteria listed below.
  • All entries must conform to Sister Cities International’s policy on plagiarism found here.
  • All entries must be submitted and received with a completed application by June 1, 2024, 11:59 PM ET.
  • For any other questions, please contact


No. If you have not contacted your local sister city organization before, you are not automatically part of their network. If you have attended any events through their local programming, you might be in their network. However, all sister city organizations have their own membership procedures. There might be fees and other conditions for being part of their network. Therefore, please contact your local organization to learn more about your current status.

  • Google Search: In the search bar, type “(your city)+sister cities”. Usually, if there is a sister city organization near you it will be listed under the search results. Ex: “Washington DC Sister Cities”
  • Ask an SCI Staff member: You can email us at to learn more about the sister city programs near you.

No. Unfortunately, all submissions must be coordinated with your local Sister City Program.

Usually, your Sister City contact is different from your teacher. Almost all organizations designate one person to be the point of contact for the Showcase. However, if your teacher is directly involved with your local Sister City program, they can be your Sister City contact. Please clarify this with your local program before submitting your application form.

No. Please do not provide a school-affiliated email address (.edu,, etc). Most school email addresses have a security function that prohibits us from contacting you. Our main contact method will be email. Therefore it is essential that you provide an email address you check regularly. Lastly, please do not forget to check your spam folder as our emails will be considered “external” and might not show in your inbox.

 No. There is no application fee to submit your artwork for the Showcase.

Limited digital manipulation is allowed for Photographers Showcase. The edits include filters, lighting changes, color corrections, and cropping. However, adding or removing key elements of the photo is not allowed. Please note that heavy edits change the category of the submission. If that is the case, please consider submitting your artwork under the digital art category. For case by case questions, please contact us at

The recordings don’t have to be live. Music writing software is acceptable. However, any performances should be done individually by the entrant.